This picture was taken by my friend (and so far my photography mentor) Juan Posada, please, click on the link below to see his work !

"El Souvenir" was a project, in which I made some souvenir-like T-shirts / postcards of some destinations that people wouldn't go for vacations; therefore, when people see you with a shirt of this project would think - "oh you've been to Bali ! ... oh no ... you've been to Somalia !?!"

This will subvert the meaning of a normal holiday, which usually is all about joy and fun, but the world is much more and the contrast of the bright side with the dark side connects us to the essential of the human being; the ideas generated by the media shouldn't define us, but the reality of "everyday's life" in certain places, can give us at least an slightly idea of what their condition is all about ... and from there becomes visible the human condition regardless of culture .... because "it exists but that exists too".

This project was born one day I went out to buy flashlights in a military warehouse for a holiday I was planning, and it was in those vacations where I realised that's the way I love to travel, I like to see the bright and the dark side of the mankind, which is the only way to feel balanced and grateful for what you've got.

There are three spots: Somalia, Pipyat and Sinaloa; Bearing in mind that many people don't even know these places exist (they really don't), but these famous places have something in common; those who know of their existence will associate them with their darkside ... For example, Somalia is related with pirates and famine, Pripyat is related with Chernobyl accident and Sinaloa is known for trafficking in weapons, drugs, humans, etc, etc, etc... But who really knows the people in these places? (Pripyat has inhabitants and became touristic by the way).

This exhibition was accompanied by fake pictures (photomontages)  taken on some 'holydays' showing the contrast of each particular place.