Catherine Restrepo was born in Medellin (COL) and currently lives in New Orleans (USA); as multifaceted, as a polymorph, schooled in architecture, she is a creator who understands art as something open, where everything is possible, a catalyzer of external stimulations, therefore resulting in 'detritus' (debris, junk, rubble). Which is a reference point to se the rest of the world.

Her body of work makes a strong social and political critique that questions the traditionally held values that have shaped the face of the modern world and provides insights that fuel today's algid discussion about society. Her art synthesizes this aspects into images, rather than mere graphic compositions, through photomontages that incorporate symbolic and metaphoric referents, using the image as a language: technical experimentation by the way of simulation / forgery.


-“Image conceptualization”, Alliance Française, Santa Marta, Colombia, (2013)
-“Genuine fakes”, Autonomous University of the Caribbean, Barranquilla,  Colombia,  (2013)
-“Cadavre Exquis”, University Jorge Tadeo Lozano, Cartagena, Colombia. (2013)
-“Collage as a Aesthetic generator”, Maldeojo, Cartagena, Colombia, (2013)
-"Fraud as a work of art”, Modern Art Museum of Medellín, Colombia, (2011)


-Subversion and trivialization : Photomontage / collage from two antagonistic representations.
@Propaganda Talks / Autonomous University Of The Caribbean (2013)


-The influence of architecture in patients' rehabilitation in psychiatric hospitals.
UPB (2006-2012)
-From evidence to forgery : Narratives of an invented story
(current research).


@Festival Propaganda, Barranquilla; 2015
-Lumens 2015
@Galería Neebex, Bogotá, Colombia; 2015
-Feria de arte Odeon, (Galería SKLN),
@Teatro Odeón, Bogota, Colombia; 2013
-Cortar, pegar, representar la historia,
@Paideia, Bogota, Colombia; 2013
-Propaganda grafica,
@festival propaganda, Barranquilla, Colombia; 2013
-Thy will be done
@Alliance Française, Santa Marta, Colombia; 2013
-Thy will be done
@Maldeojo, Cartagena, Colombia; 2013
@ Bastardo, Bogota, Colombia; 2011
-DoñaGloria Expolive...
@ArtHotel, Medellin, Colombia; 2009
-Taxonomía Visceral...
@Casa Ensamble, Bogota, Colombia; 2009
-Le Dur et Le Mou...
@Local Project, LIC, NY, USA; 2008
-Poster parade...
@TrueLove art Gallery, Savona, Italia; 2008


-Universo Centro (Col)
-Proyecto Diseño (Col)
-Revista Cambio (Col)
-Revista Carrusel (Col)
-Revista Shock (Col)
-Revista Dinero (Col)
-Periodico El Tiempo (Col)
-Doña Gloria (Col)
-Monoclab (Bcn)
-Fiesta del Té (Col)
-Periodico El Universal (Col)
-Periodico Hoy (Col)
-Periodico El Informador (Col)
-Periodico Arteria (Col)


-The 22 magazine, NY, EEUU
-Neuroblasto, México DF, MX
-Tocayo, Rio de Janeiro, BR
-Fashion Radical News, Bogotá, COL
-Revista Gavia, Bogotá, COL
-Yo soy la Maga, Medellín, COL
-Colectivo Bicicleta, Bogotá, COL
-Absolut Network, America's & Spanish edition, MX-ESP
-Agenda Samaria, Santa Marta, COL


-"Picturing a Metropolis” 1/2 , September 2014,  http://nomadaresearch.tumblr.com/post/98697720360/picturing-a-metropolis-%C2%BD-by-catherine

-“Picturing a Metropolis”  2/2, November 2014, http://nomadaresearch.tumblr.com/post/103172106630/picturing-a-metropolis-22-by-catherine

-“The Journey To The Unknown Antarctic”, June 2014, http://nomadaresearch.tumblr.com/post/89082902560/the-journey-to-the-unknown-antarctic-by-catherine